How to Lose Weight With Herbex

How to Lose Weight With Herbex

How to Lose Weight When You Have No Time to Exercise or Cook Healthy Meals

Sick and tired of feeling bloated, heavy, and fat? Then it is time to do something about it. But let us be honest, losing weight is not as easy as your ABCs. There is a science to dropping in sizes, especially when you do not have time to exercise or spend hours after work cooking healthy meals. At Herbex, we totally get it, which is why we have compiled five ways on how to lose weight, especially for those who just do not have the time to spend hours on the treadmill or shop, chop, cook, and wash. They are as follows:

#1 Reduce You Carb Intake: When we refer to carbs, we are talking about starches, sugars, and anything refined. That delicious whole-wheat healthy bread that says Low-GI and that muesli packed with nuts and raisins count as carbs. Carbs increase blood sugar and insulin levels, which can make it hard to lose weight. In fact, when the body has too much glucose in its system, it will be stored as fat.

Unfortunately, giving up our bread and pasta is not how most of us would have preferred to lose weight, but if you are not burning it off during the day, then you are packing it on around your waistline. Replace it with wholesome vegetables and salads. You will be surprised at how vegetables can fill you up fast. Combine it with some protein and healthy fat, and you have a meal that your body can process and burn slower, which will help keep you full and aid weight loss, without you having to run around the block a few times.

#2 Let Your Plate Control Your Portion: Eating off a smaller plate can also help you lose weight. It is called “deception eating”. By using a smaller plate, you automatically dish up less food. By doing this, you are reducing the number of calories you are eating. It is a great tip for those who struggle with portion control. It can help your stomach and brain feel satisfied at the same time.

#3 Drink Herbal Teas: Today, there is a debate over how much water is healthy. While enough water keeps the body hydrated and clean, too much flushes out much-needed minerals. A good rule is to aim for 30 ml per kilogram of bodyweight. Luckily, this does not all have to come from pure water alone, herbal teas are just as hydrating and contribute to your overall daily water intake.

Natural herbal tea is a great way to give the body the right micronutrients it needs. The herbs can help boost the metabolism, burn stored fat, detoxify the internal organs, repair digestive issues, flush out toxic heavy metals, improve skin, raise energy levels, reduce bloat, and suppress appetite and cravings. The health benefits of herbal tea covers almost every aspect of your wellbeing.

#4 Chew Your Food Slowly: Did you know that it takes the brain more or less 20 minutes to receive an “I am full” signal from the stomach? There are two ways to slow the process down. You can chew each bite 40 times, take pauses between mouthfuls, or you can eat as you usually do and make sure you drink a glass of water before your meal. This way, your brain has time to send signals that your stomach is full.

#5 Take an Appetite Suppressant: Not many people have the iron willpower to do the above, and if you fit this category, do not sweat it. Food is incredibly addictive. In fact, it is believed that sugar is six times more addictive than cocaine. So, if you want to avoid food cravings, then it is best to use a natural appetite suppressant that will help eradicate temptation. But how do they work?

Designed to assist with decreasing hunger pangs and food cravings, herbal appetite control suppressants work by helping to turn off the appetite portion of the brain. The beauty of appetite control suppressants is that they reduce hunger pangs and cravings, so that you do not feel as hungry as you normally would on a diet, and binge eat as you normally would.

Weight loss is a lifestyle choice that requires perseverance and commitment, and if you want to keep the weight off, it is also important that you also throw a bit of exercise in the mix. As an award-winning brand, deserving of our global reputation, we give our customers many options. With the belief that nature has gifted us with many wonderful things, two of them being herbs and vegetables, we believe that the best way to achieve optimal health is the natural way. If you would like to learn more about our products and lose weight, then read our blog or contact the team at Herbex directly.

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