Welcome to Herbex Health South Africa, where we are dedicated to assisting you achieve your weight loss goals through our range of herbal products. Our utmost priority is to support you in living a healthy and fulfilling life.

At Herbex, we pride ourselves on offering quality herbal products that work.  Our products are sugar free and vegan friendly.

Whether you are looking to shed a few kilograms to reach a healthier BMI or striving for a perfectly proportioned waist-to-hip ratio, we understand and share your body image concerns. Rest assured that Herbex is committed to providing you with a safe and effective weight loss solution.

Unlike fad diets that prove ineffective and detrimental to your well-being, we believe in a holistic approach to weight loss. Our comprehensive system combines our trustworthy products with an ongoing support program available through our website and newsletters. With over two decades of experience in helping individuals achieve their weight loss goals, we have learned that a solid and supportive system is crucial for success. We value open communication with our customers as it enables us to better understand their needs and enhance our service accordingly. Together, we can embark on a journey towards your desired weight and overall well-being.

Our newsletters are designed to equip you with valuable information on various aspects of looking and feeling your best while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Whether you seek guidance on calorie management, controlling binge eating, or tips for effective exercise and goal setting, we are dedicated to being your reliable resource. We firmly believe that a healthy life is a balanced life, where moderation in all things is key.

Please take the time to explore our website and feel free to contact us via email or telephone for any further assistance or clarification regarding our product range. We are here to ensure your health and happiness.


The Team at Herbex