Control Your Appetite Without Harmful Pills

Control Your Appetite Without Harmful Pills

Tips to Stop Overeating and Control Your Appetite Without Harmful Pills

Many people struggle with overeating and appetite control. Have you ever filled up your plate with more than you know you should have, and even went for seconds afterwards? Do you frequently start snacking in the evening, even though you have just eaten? Portion control can be difficult, and if you don’t practice it, it can prevent you from losing weight, and even trigger weight gain.

Appetite control pills can help control the desire to overeat, but you should choose a herbal option like the Herbex Appetite Control range, which is made with natural ingredients that promote health and weight loss. The point of you losing weight is to become healthier, so why would you try to do it with unhealthy pills that are full of chemicals.

While natural appetite control pills can be wonderful for weight loss, you still need to adopt lifestyle changes that will help you stop overeating, even after you have lost the weight. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, here are a few tips that you can incorporate to help you stop overeating and control your appetite:

Replace the Habit

If you have the desire to overeat, replace eating with another activity that is also enjoyable, such as drinking a cup of herbal tea, phoning a friend, or even dancing around in your living room to your favourite song. The options are endless. Try to identify what triggers your desire to overeat. It could be something like seeing an ad for food or a stressful situation. When you identify your triggers, you can start to change the way you respond to them.

Eat Fibre, Protein, and Fat

At every meal, make sure that you eat a combination of fibre, protein, and fat. The combination will help you feel full, which is vital for appetite control. If you take natural appetite control pills with your meal, you can reduce your hunger even further.

Eat Mindfully

Mindful eating can greatly help reduce overeating, as you focus more on your eating and maintain control. To practice mindful eating, avoid eating with distractions like the television or your computer, chew slowly, and take 20 minutes per meal. Focus on the way your food smells, tastes, and feels in your mouth.

Don’t Eat Too Little

Even though you need to burn more calories than you consume when trying to lose weight, eating too little can put your body into starvation mode, and make you even hungrier. Good luck with appetite control after seven days of eating below 1200 calories! Never go below this amount. Rather increase your calorie intake slightly and take a bit longer to lose weight than try to do it quickly, only to undo all of your hard work by binging later on.

In conjunction with natural appetite control pills, these tips can help reduce overeating and ultimately lead to weight loss. With the right approach, you can lose the weight and keep it off without sabotaging your own goals. You can buy Herbex Appetite Control products at any Clicks, Dischem, or major retailer nationwide, or online at

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