I have always struggled with my weight.

I’ve tried various products and diets but only with Herbex could I see and feel a difference.

Before I lost weight, I was very much aware of myself and my surroundings. I was struggling to wear clothes that looked good and that I felt comfortable with. I always wore something to hide my tummy and behind.

For comfortability I bought clothes a size or two bigger (44 +) so that they weren’t too tight. Even something as small as tying my shoelaces was an issue.

I experienced physical challenges like sore heels because of the excess weight. I used to ask my daughter to help me tie my shoes. I was tired all the time and took medication for depression and constipation.

Not only did I experience physical and health challenges but emotionally it had a huge impact on me.

Shopping was not very time consuming then because I would

walk into a store, take the biggest top off the shelf, and run out.

I never tried clothes on in a store because the full-length mirrors from all angles was like facing reality and therefore I ignored it. I also did not have a full-length mirror in my house at that time and I told myself that I needed to dress in clothes that were comfortable, then I would look beautiful.

Emotionally I was very depressed and very unhappy with myself.

I hit ground zero. I did not have any self-worth, I had Herbex. I started losing weight and today I do not drink any medication for depression or constipation.

Friends and family compliment me when I share photos with them.

Now I fit into those jeans with comfort and I never thought I could do it!!

I feel good about myself and it feels as if I can achieve any goal in life that I set myself.

I feel much more energised and I am ready to take on any challenge that comes my way.

I started my journey using Herbex Fat Burn Concentrate and Herbex Fat Burn Tea, while supplementing with Herbex Fat Burn Booster Drops. Since I have reached my goal weight, I have maintained it using Herbex Fat Burn Tablets.


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