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How Annelize* did it

Annelize’s* story (summarised): “I’ve always struggled to maintain a healthy weight….. after two years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive I realized that being overweight was more serious to my health than just feeling uncomfortable. I felt so disheartened after many failed attempts at trying to lose weight and it seemed like it would never happen.”...

by October 30, 2012November 1, 2017


To print or download the tips document, click the  icon below and open it in a new window. [iframe src=”” same_height_as=”content”]

by June 4, 2012November 1, 2017

Has your weight-loss slowed down?

Has Your Weight Loss Slowed Down? Check if you are taking in too much protein… The problem with protein foods (even the lower fat ones such as white meat, ostrich, fish etc) is that they contribute to your fat intake. Even if you remove all the visible fat, proteins have invisible fat that you cannot...

by April 26, 2012November 1, 2017


 Herbex products work in support of a healthy eating plan and exercise programme. Not everyone might find it easy to change their lifestyles. We are here to help.   TOP TIP: focus on realistic, achievable goals Taken from our weight-winners’ tips. Change your bad habits into good ones that you can easily implement for years,...

by April 3, 2012November 1, 2017