Tannith’s Transformation


Hi. My name is Tannith. I’m 33 and I live in a lovely seaside suburb of Cape Town.

I haven’t always struggled with my weight, but looking back, it was when I started high school that I started to take notice of my weight. When I started high school, I moved from an all-girls primary school to a co-ed school high school. The boys started making fun of me, and I was teased a lot. I wasn’t overweight or fat, but I wasn’t as small as the other girls in school.

I started trying different eating plans and diets, and even went as far as taking appetite suppressant pills (my mom had to sign a special register for the pills at the chemist!). I remember the one diet; I was only allowed to eat every 5 hours. But the amount of food allocated to each meal wasn’t enough to keep me full for 5 hours. I was starving.

I was an active teenager, playing squash and water polo for school, and rollerblading all weekend. Every weekend. It was during this time that I met my future husband.  read more