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After giving birth in 2011, I battled to lose my pregnancy and baby weight, trying everything from lemon water to countless weight loss programmes, but it was only when I found Herbex that I managed to drop 45kg.

My lucky day came when my mother visited with a box of Hlasela Amafutha Syrup. This, combined with a healthy diet, helped me to lose 3kg in the first month. I then used the Herbex Slimmers Drops, which also gave fantastic results. I then switched to Herbex Slimmers Tablets and took Slimmers Fat Burn tea every morning, and my Herbex Fat Burn Concentrate when I went to gym.

After months of sustained effort, I’m now a size 30/32 and feels confident every day. I have a cupboard full of Herbex products – my daughter calls it Hlasela Amafutha cupboard. If cravings for unhealthy food hits, it’s easy to resist and enjoy Herbex Slimmers Shakes instead. Now that I look this good, I love socialising and have made new friends.  Herbex leaves you feeling good about your body!