Lindsay Cumber

I have been a ‘diet victim’ all my life, trying every trick in the book and was battling anorexia by the time I was 19.  I managed to recover when I realised how watching me suffer was impacting on my mother.
During my pregnancy, I turned to comfort eating and ballooned to 122kg in my third trimester.
I became the mum of a healthy girl in February 2005, and started adapting to life as a single mother, though living in Durban’s hot climate was stifling to my energy levels. The turning point was when I stepped off my porch and fractured my ankle. I knew I had to lose weight.

My main weakness was sugar-cravings and a carbohydrate intolerance, but after two weeks on Herbex I had lost 2,5kg and the cravings had been replaced by those for fresh food. I started doing mild exercises and rewarded myself with a stunning dress when I lost my first 10kg.

It has been ten years since I lost 43kg with Herbex, which I have kept off by using Herbex Fat Burn Tablets. I have a wonderful partner, a job in the fashion industry and can carry myself with pride. I would never have been able to do this without Herbex – thank you for an amazing product.


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