How toxins can slow down your weight-loss progress

How toxins can slow down your weight-loss progress

Why it’s important to detox before losing weight


Every day your body is bombarded with pollutants, herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals through exhaust fumes, pollution and even the foods you eat. In order to protect your brain and other vital organs from the harmful effects of these substances, your body stores these harmful toxins in body fat.

What does this have to do with weight loss?

This is one of the reasons why people struggle to lose weight or hit a plateau while losing weight – the body reaches a point where it cannot lose any more body fat because it is using the fat to protect you from the dangerous effects of these toxins. In these situations, if you were to lose more body fat, the toxins would be released into the bloodstream and could cause serious health problems.

How to detox and lose fat safely

People often feel terrible when they detox. When too many toxins are released at once, the body cannot keep up with the onslaught of toxic exposure and flushes out the substances (think diarrhoea and vomiting) to avoid poisoning.

That’s why it’s important to do a safe and effective detox by eating a diet rich in foods that promote the detoxification process in the body. Seasonal foods have the highest amount of nutrients, and if they are grown locally they have not lost those nutrients to extensive shipping times.

You should also take supplements with nutrients and antioxidants that aid the liver, kidneys and intestines. The Herbex Detox Range has a combination of herbs that will help your body eliminate waste products and toxins.

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