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Did you know that herbs can support lifestyle strategies aimed at losing excess weight, in order for you to reap the vast advantages of being slimmer?

Plant-based medicine builds on the notion that herbs can help the body to repair itself through a process that healers call herbal synergy. This means that instead of relying on one active ingredient, the goodness in flowers, stems, leaves, bark, berries and roots work together to restore imbalances that are causing anything from stomach aches and the common cold, to headaches and weight gain.

For example, an early antiasthmatic drug, which was first isolated from the herb ephedra, has high-blood pressure as a side effect. However, among the compounds in the plant is also one that lowers blood pressure. In other words, it could help the chest feel better and at the same time counteract the potentially harmful blood-pressure side effect. This underscores the holistic approach of herbal remedies, which are about the whole body, rather than an isolated health issue.

During the past three decades, the use of herbs, herbal materials and herbal preparations, which are often referred to as traditional and complementary medicines, has grown dramatically and become more mainstream. So much so, that the World Health Organisation has a strategy on traditional medicine which aims to increasingly harness the vast powers of herbs for health and longevity. Apart from the spiralling cost of conventional treatment and the unavailability of primary health care in many parts of the world, a growing body of clinical research is yielding the scientific evidence that the health benefits of herbs are real.

Herbex has also been tapping into the treasure chest of herbal medicines to develop products that benefit men and women who want to lose weight, in order to prevent ilnesses like heart disease and diabetes, amongst others. Moreover, our carefully formulated supplements harness the idea of herbal synergy, by combining the capabilities of various plants to offer a holistic solution to weight management. The Herbex Fat Burn Concentrate and Herbex Attack the Fat Syrup simultaneously address the wide-ranging factors that could affect decreasing body mass, ranging from kick-starting a sluggish metabolism, firing up energy levels, releasing toxins and controlling appetite, to burning fat, boosting wellbeing, and keeping blood sugar levels stable.

The powers of super herbs like green tea leaves, guarana seeds and ginseng root in the Herbex Fat Burn Concentrate, as well as other plants like buchu, aloe ferox, and garcinia in the Herbex Attack the Fat, are smart allies in slimming efforts. Studies have shown that green tea, the main ingredient in these products, has potential as an appetite suppressant, a fat burner and a metabolism booster. In time, this could make green tea a help in the battle against diseases associated with an obese lifestyle, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and osteoarthritis.

The caffeine in green tea and garcinia is another key ingredient associated with better metabolic functioning. Together with ginseng, these herbs are providing energy to be more active and to keep going when a reduction in kilojoules – an essential part of a comprehensive weight-loss plan – can cause a dip in energy. Moreover, garcinia supports the release of the “feel good” chemical, serotonin, which is helpful when people pursue lifestyle changes. The impact of these herbs on weight loss is believed to be enhanced by guarana. In turn, buchu is a so-called sweeper, which can help with bloating and detoxing, by releasing water, but also helping with blood sugar. Aloe ferox also detoxes and helps slimmers to stay regular.

When people decide to change their habits in pursuit of a healthier and longer life, herbs and our herbal supplements could provide the motivation, energy and results to persist.