Fat Burn Shots

Fat Burn Shots

How to Lose Weight in the New Year with the Right Diet, Mindset, and Fat-Burning Shots

For a lot of people, the New Year’s countdown not only signals the start of a new year, but it is also a countdown to the start of the diet that will finally help them lose the weight. It is a countdown towards the start of a different life – a life where they do not overeat, can wear whatever they want, and do not give up on their goals by February. If you have already started preparing for your new diet by stocking up on fat-burning shots and finishing every last piece of candy you can find in the house before you have to say your goodbyes, the next things you need to focus on are your diet and mindset.

Choose Your Carbohydrates Wisely

If you choose to eat carbs, stick to the good kind. Stick to whole grains, legumes (like lentils, chickpeas, and beans), and vegetables. If you want to include starches like whole-wheat pasta, oats, and brown rice in your diet, limit yourself to two or three portions a day, and eat them early in the day, so that your body has enough time to use the energy. Carbohydrates convert to glucose in your digestive system, and whatever you do not use gets stored as fat. Stick to vegetables as your night-time carb of choice

Go on a Sugar Detox

For the first 21 days of your diet, cut out all sugar. You want to detox from sugar completely and reset your system. Because reducing your sugar intake can lower your energy levels while your body adapts, taking something that can boost your energy levels, such as the Herbex Slim Shots, will help greatly. This shot will also help speed up your weight loss.  

After the elimination period is over, you can start incorporating one or two low-sugar fruits like blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries a day into your diet, or one high-sugar fruit like a banana, mango, or grapes. If you do want to eat more fruit or have sugar, remember that your body turns sugar and carbohydrates, like bread, pasta, and sweet potatoes, into glucose. Therefore, if you do have more sugar, it is a good idea to reduce your carbohydrate intake, so that you do not overload your body with glucose, which will make it hard to burn fat.

Be Kind to Yourself

Do not be so hard on yourself. Burning fat is not easy, and you will not do everything perfectly. There will be days where you eat a little too much or days where you cannot exercise. It is consistency over the long term that matters the most. Just like you will not lose weight after one day of eating healthily, you will not gain a lot of weight after one day of not eating as you should.

Besides, stressing about your diet will only trigger the production of cortisol, which will prevent you from burning fat, and you will need more than just some fat-burning shots to be able to lose weight. One can argue that stressing about eating something sinful is worse for your health than the cheat meal itself.

Every time you cheat, ask yourself what you can learn from the experience. Every time you binge, it can help you find new strategies on how to avoid it in the future. Accept that you will fail now and then, but that it will become easier as you get stronger.

Armed with these diet tips and your Herbex Slim Shots, you can lose the weight you want to in the new year. You can buy Herbex products at any Clicks, Dischem, or major retailer nationwide, or online at Takealot.com.

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