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Burn Fat and Feel Energised with a Powerful “Drink to Slim” Fat Burn Concentrate

Are you looking to get rid of all that excess fat around your arms, under your chin, and around your thighs? Are you dieting more than ever and also working out twice a week, but still not seeing any results? If this is where you’re at, it is likely that you have entered the over-35s club, which means that you’re going to need a little more than stomach crunches and lettuce leaves to burn fat and lose weight.

How Ageing Affects the Metabolism

While you might have been able to eat whatever you wanted in your 20s, without gaining so much as a tummy wrinkle, those days are long gone. Yes, if you could get away with eating whatever you wanted and never had problems losing weight before, you’re not going to like what the over-35s club has to offer. You see, as women get older, our bodies start making fewer hormones, our muscle mass diminishes, and our metabolism slows down. Whether you run, sit, sleep, swim, walk or spin – as soon as a woman hits her mid-30s, the body burns 100 fewer calories a day and 200 fewer at age 45. To be precise, the metabolism slows down by 5% each decade. Not a very appetising thought, is it?

Now, we know what you’re thinking, and if you’re like most women who are anxious to be skinny, you’re probably thinking of putting yourself on a crash fad diet right away, or maybe even taking those prescription appetite suppressants that Sally from Accounting is on. Unfortunately, in a society where we’ve become fixated on being skinny, not only has weight loss become an obsession, but it has also become quite dangerous. But the real danger is not that we want to be skinny, it’s the things we do to become skinny. Starvation diets, ineffective exercise strategies, and other metabolism-busting habits laced with amphetamines are not the solution.

So What is the Solution?

At Herbex, we’re here to tell you that just because your metabolism has taken a nosedive, it does not mean you have to kiss your waistline goodbye. While it’s no secret that metabolism plays an important role in burning fat, all it takes is a few simple tricks to keep it up – one of them being herbs.

Possibly, the greatest gift of Mother Nature – herbs have proven to be invaluable to the human race. Besides adding flavour to food, they hold medicinal properties that heal the body and speed up the metabolism. If you’re unable to shed the fat like you used to in your 20s and early 30s, then we have the perfect, healthiest solution for you: our Fat Burn Concentrate.

How Our Fat Burn Concentrate Works

We have taken Mother Earth’s most powerful fat-burning herbs and created a wide range of fat burning products to complement your lifestyle. Using two of the best, most natural, harvested herbs throughout the globe, Camellia sinensis (green tea leaves) and Paullinia cupana Kunth (guarana seeds), we’ve gone and created a range of delicious and incredibly powerful fat burning concentrates to be used as a flavoured drink. Just add water and drink throughout the day.

Made from fresh natural plants, rather than a cocktail of deadly synthetic chemicals, our natural fat burning concentrates have absolutely no side effects and will not cause damage to your body or mental health. Free from artificial colourants, flavourings, sweeteners, gluten, yeast, eggs, and wheat, our fat burning concentrate does so much more than boost the metabolism and speed up weight loss, it also helps to burn calories and fat, it increases energy, and it controls the appetite.

Whether your goal is to lose 5 or 30 kilograms, or you’re striving to get into shape for your year-end vacation – our “drink to slim” Fat Burn Concentrates can help you achieve your goal weight. An incredible product, ideal for women of all ages, not only is our fat burn concentrate 100% safe for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics, but it also has absolutely no negative side effects, such as dry mouth, anxiety, high-blood pressure, insomnia or irregular heartbeats (tachycardia).

While all of our products are powerful, effective and successful, if you’d like to learn more, simply send us an email and one of our supportive representatives will get back to you. Do things the natural way, do it with Herbex .