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Holly Rudman: A Great Weight-Loss Journey

Holly's* story in her own words


My name is Holly Rudman* and I am 24 years old. I live in beautiful Cape Town and work in a really fast-paced, exciting, yet extremely stressful, industry.


In 2012, after a hectic week at work, I raced home on a Friday night to get dressed into a pretty dress and hit the town with the girls. I raced through the door and into the shower. After I jumped out the shower I found myself staring into my full length mirror – paralysed. My naked self unable to move. A realisation hit me at the speed of G-force – I was so overweight!


Holly Rudman: Before


How had I missed this? How could my 24-year-old self, be this overweight? In that moment, in front of that mirror my 24-year-old heart shattered into a million pieces. With no exaggeration to this story, I dropped to the floor and sobbed.


I cried because I was ashamed, I couldn’t believe I had done this to myself. How could I be so bubbly and happy around all my friends and family but be so sad within myself? This new realisation petrified me, I was so afraid about what this would mean for my future. I needed to change, and quickly.


I put my pyjamas on, cancelled on my girlfriends and got straight into bed. I may have gone to bed very upset that night, but little did I know that I was in for the greatest journey and wildest ride of my life so far.




I decided to do four things on that Saturday morning.


1) Do a massive grocery shop to introduce routine and food planning into my life.


2) I went and joined the gym.


3) Did a lot of research and found a life coach.


4) Bought a diary and began documenting my journey (This was incredible and I am still writing in this journal today.)


Monday came and I was raring to go. I met with my life coach for the first time and we decided that all I needed to do was take this journey week by week. Looking at what I needed to do as a collective would make this process seem impossible. So if I only focused on a week at a time I could do it. We would make weekly incentives. For example, if I worked really hard in a week I was allowed to go out and buy a pair of gorgeous new heels.




It was in this grocery shop that I first bought Herbex Slimmer’s Tea: Fat Burn and haven’t stopped buying it ever since. After a month, the results were amazing – I’d only lost about 1.5kg’s, but I felt amazing. So amazing that I decided I needed to give up the one thing I possibly love the most – wine. Don’t worry I only challenged myself to do this for a month – any longer would have been madness. I went from the drunken socialite amongst my friends to the designated driver. I made a decision that “no alcohol” wouldn’t mean “no fun” and would make sure to be at all the parties with my glass of water in hand.


I told strangers I was drinking g&ts – because who likes a party pooper drinking water while you’re drinking too much wine. The tactic seemed to work, and I found myself dancing the night away without a care in the world.


Giving up alcohol took my weight loss to a whole new level. It just started falling off – granted I was gyming 5 times a week. When I started at the gym, I had no idea what I was doing. I also didn’t have enough money for a personal trainer, so I would watch what personal trainers were doing with their clients and then I would copy their routines.



With my new bod came a new confidence and ultimately a new man. I fell in love with a gorgeous man who made me feel like the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, but not even he could have known what I’d gone through to become the person he found “beautiful”. Not all adventures are forever, and soon I was single Holly again! Yikes, a sore heart deserves ice cream – surely? Not this time! I got back in that gym faster than you could say Mcflurry, and kicked my butt into overdrive.


Holly Rudman: Before and After


This entire journey has taught me that I don’t have to be strong all the time, I’ve learnt that to be great, it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to be sad sometimes. Greatness comes from pushing forward and learning how to dance in the rain.



Today, 28 September, I have lost a total of 13 kg.


Holly: My body shape has completely changed


This is no comparison to the incredible ladies who lose 40+ kg, but losing these 13 kg’s has been the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life, and I really hope if you’re reading this and feel like this journey isn’t possible for you – that you remember my story and know that if I can do it – anyone can. It just takes a conscious decision do give up what you want right now for the life you really want one day.


My body shape has completely changed and my back and hips are no longer in pain due to the extra weight I was carrying. I wake up in the mornings at 6:00am with energy – and hit the gym. Before this life change I would sleep till 8:00am and then race off to work to be there by 8:30am.


Holly: Everything has changed!


Everything has changed, I’ve changed, my dreams have changed – I had no idea that there was a better life waiting out there for me. I want this life for all girls my age. I’m not saying it's perfect – by no means, but it’s hopeful and it’s filled with opportunities I would never have been exposed to before.



Life will break your heart for many different reasons, but I can assure you a heart will mend – if you don’t take care of your body, it might not be as lucky. I can’t thank Herbex enough for being such a positive part of my journey. Not only your products, but your staff, your website and your online eating plans. Thank you for being a positive force in a very hard but uplifting journey. Never give up – it really is that simple.


Beautiful location, beautiful people, and the result - beautiful photos!


Holly and Herbex Slimmers Fat Burn Tea

Well done, Holly*.

 We are very proud of you! You did it through hard work and determination. You are an inspiration to all of us.