Special Season’s Greetings From Our Herbex Testimonials

Special Season’s Greetings From Our Herbex Testimonials

“Its Christmas time once again, no doubt a very special time of the year for most families. Looking back at the year that we had I can’t believe that the days and months have passed by so quickly. For some of us – this year has been hard, for others it may have been better, I can however only look back with a thankful heart for all of the wonderful people that I have met, the things I have accomplished, and the dreams that I have dreamt and had come true.

The festive season is usually a stressful time for those who are consciously trying to lose weight and most people don’t really know how to handle the extra festive meals and cheats. My advice to all of you would be the following: Stay true to what your goals are, take one day at a time, enjoy your festive meals in moderation – smaller portions and healthy conscious choices when it comes to what goes into your plate. Most of all – Relax and be proud of yourself that you are making good and healthy choices! Don’t stop using your Herbex products – even if you do feel like you are eatng the wrong things, just keep it up! Have a blessed Christmas and a very happy new year everyone!”


“This Xmas season make someone happy and give the gift of love to those who are less fortunate.”


“May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace,
The gladness of Christmas give you hope; and
The warmth of Christmas grant you love.

As 2014 approaches let us remember the words of a very wise man who once said: “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Tata Madiba (RIP)”


“2013 is almost done with! It’s been a wonderful year being part of the Herbex Family’s success and triumph in their strive to make you a healthier, slimmer and happier you. I am so proud and blessed for all of you who have approached me with messages on how they have been inspired and encouraged by my contribution in my Herbex Testimonial.
May you all be richly blessed in turn, remember that we should all love ourselves unconditionally, allow ourselves to be loved by others, allow ourselves to fail and to succeed. Never give up on what you believe in – sad are those who do not dream of better things – one has not lived until one hasn’t aspired. Have the confidence to achieve your goals, accept your defeats and pick yourself up once more, stronger than before – because people who say ‘It can’t be done’ should not interrupt those who are doing it! J
May 2014 bring you peace, self-confidence, courage and love – and may all your dreams come true. A Merry Xmas and a very prosperous New Year to you and yours. With all my love and best wishes, Lindsay xxx”

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