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Annelize’s* story (summarised):

“I’ve always struggled to maintain a healthy weight….. after two years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive I realized that being overweight was more serious to my health than just feeling uncomfortable. I felt so disheartened after many failed attempts at trying to lose weight and it seemed like it would never happen.”

Annelize*: "I realized that being overweight was serious to my health"

Her story continues, in her own words: “For more than two years my weight problem kept getting worse because most of the time my diet consisted of sweets, chips, bread, fizzy drinks and desserts. All the things that gave me instant comfort but long-term pain – both physically and emotionally. I couldn’t find clothes that fitted me and always had to scour for sizes 40 and larger.

Family gatherings and social events made me anxious. Preparing for an evening out took many outfit changes. I always left home feeling awkward and self-conscious.

After the birth of my children (twins) in November 2009, I weighed 110kg. I struggled to recover from my Caesarean. I had trouble sleeping at night and started feeling depressed. I couldn’t control my appetite and my hands and feet were swollen at times. I couldn’t perform tasks without feeling out of breath. My hair and skin were in very bad condition. Over and above all these physical disabilities, my being a mom now (and a wife), made me realise that I had to act.

I started taking my measurements and kept a weight-loss diary. I started using Herbex Slimmers on the recommendation of a pharmacist. After the first two weeks I lost nearly 5 kg. My absolute joy at this discovery, gave me the incentive I needed and I began to adopt a healthier way of eating. I included Herbex Boosters into my daily regimen and found that it was so much easier to control my appetite. My cravings for “bad stuff” also disappeared. I continued to use my Herbex products and by January 2010 I weighed 84.5 kg. As I lost weight, I began enjoying a good night’s sleep – even with twins! My hair grew back stronger and healthier and my skin was more radiant. I felt healthier and comfortable in my own skin.

An excerpt from my weight-loss diary:

I weigh 68 kg and my BMI is finally where it should be – 24. I lost the following:

Upper arm 10 cm

Middle: 17.5 cm

Stomach: 20 cm

Hips: 24 cm

Together with other measurements I took, I lost a total of 102 cm! I am still losing weight and have a target weight of 65 kg to reach. I know I will get there!

Annelize*: "I can fit into a size 34 jeans and I can find clothing that fits me in any shop!"

Today, I am counting the first day of the rest of my life. For the first time in six years I am able to sleep without the need for sleeping pills. I control what I eat and when I eat – no more cravings. My hair, skin and nails are so much healthier. I enjoy my children and play in the garden with them. I am not out of breath if I pick one or the other up and my husband finds me attractive again.

Thanks Herbex – you’ve made it possible for me to lose weight. I don’t recognise the person I see when I look at my old photographs. I definitely have to make new memories.”

– Annelize* (October 2011)

The above is from a mail we received from Annelize*. Annelize* came down to Cape Town in November 2011 for a TV and Print shoot (See the “behind the scenes” here). She is a great testimonial of commitment and we are very proud of her. Well done Annelize*.

Annelize* features in the Herbex Slimmers Adverts

Herbex products work in support of a healthy eating plan and exercise programme. For best results use daily for 3 months. Results may vary.


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