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Has your weight-loss slowed down?

Has Your Weight Loss Slowed Down? Check if you are taking in too much protein… The problem with protein foods (even the lower fat ones such as white meat, ostrich, fish etc) is that they contribute to your fat intake. Even if you remove all the visible fat, proteins have invisible fat that you cannot...

by April 26, 2012November 1, 2017

Kim on Wine and other drinks

“With the long weekend coming up, I am sure you all would like to know how alcohol effects your diet! Ask our dietician, Kim today between 1 and 2pm what you should look out for when drinking alcohol.” ….and here are some of her answers: Hi everyone. Many people use alcohol to celebrate! But can...

by April 25, 2012November 1, 2017

Feeling cheesy?

Feeling cheesy? Cheese tends to have a lot of fat and is not the best food choice.  Low fat or fat free cottage cheese, ricotta cheese and low fat processed cheese are better choices than regular cheddar. The cheese that you could have about (and not more than) 3 times a week (portion size is...

by April 16, 2012November 1, 2017

Kim on detox and other

Kim: Do we need to detox our bodies? Generally speaking, no, as your liver detoxes your body daily. But there are some foods that can aid the system – these are fruit and vegetables. And eating less junk food will definitely help too! Here are some of the highlights from yesterdays chat.   Q: (Mindi)...

by April 11, 2012November 1, 2017

Pre-Easter eating tips from our Dietician

As a reminder before the Easter weekend, here are some of the comment, questions and tips from Kim. The Dietician: So the big question is – Can we enjoy the Easter eggs and hot cross buns? And of course you know what my answer is!!! Yes you can!!! But the real question is how much?!...

by April 5, 2012November 1, 2017


 Herbex products work in support of a healthy eating plan and exercise programme. Not everyone might find it easy to change their lifestyles. We are here to help.   TOP TIP: focus on realistic, achievable goals Taken from our weight-winners’ tips. Change your bad habits into good ones that you can easily implement for years,...

by April 3, 2012November 1, 2017

Great tips from our Dietician

GREAT TIPS from our Dietician. It is always great to have a little excuse up your sleeve for the times you feel pressured into having some food and ‘no thank-you’ just won’t work! Here are some ways to say no in public: * I am not hungry as I had a late lunch, breakfast (works...

by April 3, 2012November 1, 2017